Hassle Free Landscaping Tips for Your Backyard

Want to design your outdoor space, but don’t have to time to keep up with the tedious and expensive upkeep? Looks like you need some home landscaping ideas that require minimal effort with great results.

Landscaping for Your Backyard in Scranton

Using natural materials that blend effortlessly with your landscape is one of the easiest ways to achieve the look you desire for your backyard. For example, a pathway is a low maintenance option that stays constantly beautiful throughout the year and needs little upkeep. You can mix pavers with pebbles and mixed rocks for an attractive and unique garden path. Any stone addition to your home will require little upkeep if your hire the right professionals to take care of the job.

Water features are also great to spruce up your outdoor space. Prices vary depending upon the size and complexity of the feature; however, it’s easy to make one from a few simple materials making for a beautiful and inexpensive aesthetic. The best part about most water features, like a pondless waterfall, is that they basically take care of themselves. The constant flow of running water is pretty much the only thing you’ll have to keep up with.

The key to a beautiful landscape year-round? Plants that require little attention, yet give your Residential Landscaping project the enhancement you’re looking for. There is a variety of plants that thrive throughout the ever-changing weather conditions of Northeastern Pennsylvania. For example, in the world of flowers, Marigold is a great option for summer/fall. They provide a lovely aroma and can protect your landscape against unwanted insects. For decorative shrubs that will last, consider something in the evergreen family, like the Yucca shrub that can be potted or planted around your home for a green look, without needing a green thumb.

Your outdoor space should be designed with you in mind. It’s important to incorporate your personal touch into your landscape that will be easy to enjoy and even easier to maintain.

red flower in a backyard landscape

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