Improve Your Commercial Landscape Design With These 4 Ideas

Admit it, office buildings can be rather drab. Usually, they’re big, rectangular buildings that have no life to them. They’re definitely not like residential buildings, which can have an inviting shape, an impressive front yard, and a backyard meant for relaxing.

But just because a commercial building is boring, doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to improve the look of your property. In fact, landscape design can go pretty far in making your building stand out.

If you’re looking to improve your commercial landscape design this year, read on!

Tip 1: Guide Customers to Your Front Door

You want people to visit your business, especially if you’re a retail store. So give them a good first impression by improving the look of your front entrance. You want to create a design that’s not only attractive and inviting but will guide your customers straight to your front door.

Here are a few things you can try:

  • Add flowers, shrubs, and trees to catch your customers’ attention.
  • Create a pathway from the parking lot or street to your front door. You can use decorative bricks, concrete, or pavers.
  • If your entrance is located at the side of the building, make sure you point them in that direction.
  • Add symmetrical planters on both sides of the door to make it look more attractive.

Tip 2: Tame the Grass

Even if you have a little bit of grass on your property, you should keep it under control and healthy. It can be very easy to forget about it, and then the next thing you know the grass has climbed past your ankles!

The best option is to schedule regular lawn maintenance from Your Landscapers. We will not only keep the grass at an acceptable level but make sure it stays that healthy green all season long.

Tip 3: Flow With the Seasons

Speaking of the seasons, you need to have a year-round strategy with your commercial landscaping design. Remember, what may look good in the spring will not look good in fall or winter! But by creating a staggered planting plan, your landscape will look great all year.

Tip 4: A Pop of Color

You know what can really improve a drab, boring building? A lovely pop of color! We are drawn to pretty colors and it can make you stand out to your customers.

The best way to add color quick is to plant seasonal annuals around any pathways or around your entrance signs. Plants such as geraniums, verbena, and begonias can give you that instant color and will provide season-long color.

How Your Landscapers Can Improve Your Commercial Landscape Design

Are you ready to take your commercial landscaping to the next level? We’re here to help! Our experienced team has worked on landscaping projects big and small throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania.

If you’re a business owner in need of landscape design ideas for your business, then you’ve come to the right place. Contact Your Landscapers today to schedule an appointment.

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