Prepping for Spring Landscaping

Spring is around the corner and once the snow disappears, it’ll be time to prepare the yard for landscaping. But how do you know if your yard is ready for the spring?

The answer is, it’s never too early or too late to get your yard in shape for the spring! There are a few things you can do while we’re waiting for the ground to soften. Here are just a few landscaping ideas to possibly use in your yard in early spring.

Five Tips for Spring Landscaping in NEPA

Trim Perennials & Prune

Perennials at this time of year could use a good trim. You can usually cut it down to the base but some do need to have some growth left over. This will encourage growth and the flowers to push. Pruning bushes a little bit will also encourage growth and remove dead parts that could be sucking up the valuable nutrients that the live parts of the plants need to survive.

Rake Flower Beds

Rake out your flower beds to remove any debris that they collected over the fall and winter months. Not only will it make your flower beds look nice and tidy but it can prevent any disease. You may also want to rake your lawn to help thin out the thatch and giving your grass a chance to breathe. That debris can either be added to your compost pile (if you have one) or should be disposed of properly.

Edge Your Landscape

Edging landscaping is used to define the connection of grass to your garden, flower beds, tree line, or any other elements. It creates a clean line between your softscape and any other areas of your lawn. Edging not only helps prevent your turf from growing into your mulch but it makes the landscape look nicer.

Redo Walkways

Have you noticed your walkways not looking so amazing anymore? Chances are with all of the snow and shoveling or freezing weather, your stone pathways aren’t as good as it once was. This is the time to redo the walkway while the weather is mild. Your walkway is important because you don’t want someone or yourself to get injured because of a problem.


Adding fertilizer at the beginning of spring can help keep your plants thriving through the hot summer. Put your fertilizer down, only a 1-2 inch application, and then put your mulch over that. Your plants will thank you for it.

Get Your Spring Landscaping Off on the Right Foot

If you’re looking to get your spring landscaping off on the right foot, now is the time to start prepping! Your Landscapers can help. Contact our experienced team today.

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