3 Halloween Landscaping Ideas

Halloween is coming and you may be thinking about what to do with that gorgeous landscape of yours. You can either leave it as it is, or you can do something fun and exciting for this Halloween. Time to scare the neighbors!

So, if you want to bring some spooky elements to your yard then we wanted to share a few simple ideas. But keep in mind — some of these may have an impact on your lawn, so be sure to ask your professional landscaper about it if you’re not too sure!

Landscaping Ideas That Bring Spooky Vibes to Your Yard

The Porch Factor

Porches are the most visible part of a house and therefore they are the best place to put decorations together. For example, adding jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins to your porch not only create a fun, fall design, but they also add a lot of color to any setting. Consider surrounding them with vivid colors, using seasonal flowers and gourds to create contrasts that will not only give a spooky fall chill to your landscape but will also provide a classy autumn ambiance for your house.

The Front Yard Graveyard

This is a classic Halloween landscape and it is very easy to do. You just need some cardboard boxes, scissors, and glue and you’re good to go. Create unique tombstones, add the names of those who live in your house, scatter old crosses all around — you can even put a zombie digging itself out of the dirt! Pair it with a fog machine to add an extra spooky flair to your home. Now that’s a haunted house!

Digging up your yard, however, can have some nasty consequences on your yard. Consider recruiting a professional landscaper to ensure that your lawn remains in tip-top shape for the upcoming winter season.

The Incredible Power of The Countryside

In Northeastern Pennsylvania, we’re very fortunate to be surrounded by a lot of natural beauty. Even those of us living in urban areas like Scranton or Wilkes-Barre, all it takes is a simple car ride to get to a more rural part of our community.

If you’re fortunate to have your home surrounded by nature, then why not try to use the natural surroundings of your Halloween display? Try mixing leaves from surrounding trees like birch, maple, and/or your beech trees in a transparent bowl, and put them in those steps leading to your front door. This will look very Halloween-like and will keep the elegance of your home. In addition to leaves, seasonal flower arrangements contrast beautifully against the fall background.

For more spooky ideas or to have someone take care of the dirty work, contact a residential or commercial landscaper to help you figure out what works best in your yard.

3 Halloween Landscaping Ideas

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