Fall Landscaping Ideas to Keep in Mind This Year

After being beaten down by the hot and humid summer months, there is nothing better than basking in all that fall has to share. You’ll quickly realize it is now the perfect time to improve and enjoy your outdoor living space as much as possible. We have gathered a few of this season’s Fall landscaping ideas to spark the creative fire in your heart.

5 Trending Landscaping Ideas for the Fall

Edible Gardens – Enjoying the fruits of your labor has got to be the most rewarding feeling after putting in such hard work. Edible gardens do just that! They allow you to dig in and take delight in what vegetables, fruits, and herbs you have planted or harvested this season. Not only are they visually pleasing, but they are tastefully satisfying as well. You have the freedom to choose what your garden will be serving, and what aromas will be lingering throughout your backyard. Bon appetit!

Tranquilizing Waterworks – Don’t go chasing waterfalls, let the waterfalls chase you! By soothing and putting you at ease, of course. It seems like the sound of water has got to be the international sonic symbol for relaxation. Although waterworks have been an ongoing trend in landscaping ideas, you can’t really argue with what they can provide. They exhibit peace and can camouflage the sounds of a noisy home. No matter what your style may be, there’s a big chance you will find a fountain, waterfall, or pond design to suit your taste.

Nature’s Fluttering Creatures – Sharing your heavenly space with bursting birds, beautiful butterflies, and buzzing bees only furthers the idea of serenity. The sound of a bird singing its sweet tune and the sight of butterflies before the freezing weather takes them away is a nice touch to your Fall garden. As mentioned above, water attracts birds. Adding a fountain will encourage them to dive into a playful birdbath fight!

Outdoor Rooms and Kitchens – Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean the social affairs have to be! Outdoor rooms and kitchens only pro-long celebrations and this past summer’s barbecues. With what Fall has to bring, an outdoor kitchen is a great addition to feasting on your tastiest fall recipes, all while enjoying the company of your family or guests. Outdoor furniture can be as comfortable as it can be stylish. You can go with fall-inspired colors like spicy oranges, deep reds, and neutral browns when designing your outdoor living space.

Color and Shape Variety – You want your garden to be visually appealing. Incorporating trees and shrubs of different colors, shapes, and sizes will add depth to your garden, making it look longer, all while giving you privacy. The addition of red and golden maple trees and evergreen shrubs will make it look and feel like a classic fall photo-op.

When thinking of all the trends that come and go through the seasons and years, it’s very hard to not feel overwhelmed, and not know what trend will be best for you. It is important to remember that landscaping in Wilkes-Barre should be something fun and exciting. Your Landscapers are here to bring your ideas to life!

Fall Landscaping Ideas for 2015

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