6 Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

Doing your own landscaping can be incredibly rewarding if you are looking for an opportunity to unleash your creativity in your outdoor spaces. The sky’s the limit as far as possibilities, which can sometimes mean that new DIY landscapers may find themselves making some bad choices simply because they don’t share the same knowledge as professional landscapers. Landscaping experience comes from learning from others as well as learning from mistakes, but Your Landscapers NEPA is here with 6 Landscaping mistakes to avoid so you can get your garden right!

Forgetting About Winter

One of the biggest mistakes new landscapers make is forgetting that certain types of plants are meant for specific seasons. But there’s more to it than just ensuring you choose hearty plants.

Everyone living in Northeastern Pennsylvania shares at least one thing in common … they need to deal with snow. If you have someone plowing or shoveling near your home or business, you need to consider the placement of your landscaping. Always think about whether you are putting your plants in the optimal places so they aren’t damaged by the plow or be buried during the winter months.

Not Considering Sunshine

Novice landscapers often forget to check the recommended amount of sunlight for their new plants and they make the mistake of planting flowers and shrubs in areas that either don’t have enough sunlight or have too much sunlight.

In addition to that, you should also consider how certain plants will look depending on the light. Whether it be full light or backlighting, thinking of this during the design process will make your garden look as professional as possible.

Planting Messy Trees

There are many different types of trees to be planted, however, new landscapers often don’t take the time to consider what type of mess they may leave behind. Depending on taste, some homeowners and business owners don’t mind the look of needles covering the ground, but this isn’t always the case for everyone.

Make sure you take the time to research whether or not your potential landscaping is messy before committing.

Not Knowing the Eventual Size of a Plant

When considering the future size of a plant, many landscapers think of its eventual height but forget about its potential width. This can leave your home or business looking overgrown instead of groomed. Be sure to research both the height and width of your plants before

Careless Selection of Ground Cover

Beautiful ground cover can give your landscaping the polished and sophisticated look you want, but if you aren’t careful, ground cover can behave more like a weed than a beautiful blanket.

For example, despite the beauty of English Ivy, many landscapers find that it may be the wrong choice as it often spreads so far that it inhibits the growth of other plants.

Not Calling for Help When You Need It

There’s nothing like sitting back and admiring a job well done, especially when you’ve done the job yourself. But many DIY landscapers who find themselves with issues wait longer than they should call a professional in for help. This can cause stress on the homeowner or business owner, property damage, and unnecessary expenses.

If you’re new to landscaping Your Landscapers NEPA is ready to help you with 6 landscaping mistakes to avoid and so much more! Contact us today to find out what we can do to help you achieve the Northeastern PA landscaping of your dreams!

6 landscaping mistakes to avoid

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