Winter Lawn Prep

The colder months are approaching. November and December are right around the corner. This means that naturally, homeowners and gardeners are wondering what’s best to get their lawns ready for this year’s cold temperatures. In our opinion, there is much that can be done to keep your lawn safe in the winter, as lawn care services and companies that do professional landscaping are especially busy around this time of the year!

Most gardeners are unable to work well throughout the winter months due to snowy conditions and the bitter cold. Due to this, the obvious prime time to attend to your home’s landscape is before winter rolls around. By planning ahead and working on your lawn before the winter months, you can ensure that your grounds will be shining throughout the rest of your year.

Start off by repairing any damages sustained to the landscape during the summer months. Re-seeding can be done at this time. Perennial ryegrass tends to grow and germinate pretty quickly, within a week or less, making it a better option than bluegrass for re-seeding. Also, do not put that hose away. Most plants and lawns will need water to about an inch every fortnight or 3 weeks. Make your lawn remains moist, rather than soggy, as you head into winter. Soggy soils encourage nasty molds.

While you can help protect your garden and the beautiful plants in it by following some of our tips provided above, amateur plant care cannot equate to the professional, diligent protection that expert lawn care services can provide your garden with.

Your Landscapers specializes in professional landscaping throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania and provides a variety of beneficial lawn care services at affordable prices. By hiring a professional landscaper, you will save money in the long run by preserving the lawn and plants that you have, avoiding having to replace them when spring rolls around. Your best bet for a healthy and well-maintained landscape on your estate throughout the frosty winter months, and throughout the entire year, is counting on the professional lawn care and landscaping services of Your Landscapers.

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