Affordable Landscaping: Projects That Will Save You Big Bucks

Summer weather is pretty much the perfect weather to spend about 99% of your time at home outside enjoying your landscape. But unfortunately, you just don’t have the funds needed for such lavish changes to your outdoors. But what if we told you there are a few affordable landscaping hacks you can try to improve the look of your landscape? Not only are the following ideas easy, but they won’t put a major hurt on your wallet.

Amazingly Affordable Landscaping Ideas to Try

Stay Away From Annuals!

If you’re looking for inexpensive plants that add beauty to your otherwise boring landscape, try to stay away from annuals. These types of plants, like petunias, have to be replaced year after year, which becomes pretty costly. Instead, stick to perennials like coneflowers and bellflowers- these babies will keep on coming back season after season and still get you the pretty colors you’ll be looking for.

By planting perennials instead of annuals, you don’t have to worry about lawn maintenance like planting and replanting. This can definitely save you a couple of hundred bucks on landscaping costs.

Stonework Can be Inexpensive, Too!

Maybe you’ve avoided adding stonework to your yard for the fear of the price tag involved. Well we’re here to tell you that adding a stone pathway can actually save you money in the long run!

Adding large pavers in your lawn can not be an attractive alternative to expensive stone, but it can also cut down on lawn maintenance costs. The pavers can cover up those trouble spots you would otherwise need to spend money keeping up, are durable enough to last for years and years, and are just as attractive.

Think About Your Design

Yep, just the design itself can save you money on landscaping. Oftentimes, people don’t take the time to plan out a landscape design that works with their space, which leads to just buying stuff that either doesn’t work together or overcrowds. It’s also important to plan your design around the future.

Always research the maintenance costs when considering your landscape design. Remember to ask your landscaper if you’re going to have to replace this or that in the next couple of years? Consider all the possibilities before you execute, you could be saving yourself some trouble and some cash.

Add a Little Light

If you’re a fan of entertaining late into the summer night, then you should consider adding some outdoor lighting to your landscape. You don’t need to purchase anything overly complicated or expensive — just a simple string of outdoor lights can not only provide some ambiance to your summer evenings but it’s also easy to install. You can string them through your trees that you can keep up all year long.

How Your Landscapers Can Help

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