Landscaping Trends You Should Try This Summer

As summer begins to get closer and closer, it’s time to begin planning on ways to improve your outdoor areas!

Let’s take a look at what landscaping trends are hot this summer.

Landscaping Trends

Edible Gardens

Separating your ornamentals from your edibles used to make sense. Now it’s all about weaving the two together into a beautiful and delicious mix of colors. Using edibles makes for affordable landscaping. It’s appealing to the eye, the stomach, and your pocket. Plant some fruits to add color and dimension to a bland garden. Incorporate some basil and thyme to “spice” it up. You can pick right from your garden and take it to the kitchen — it’s like a grocery store in your backyard!

The 3 Bs

A beautiful yard is all about color. A gorgeous green backdrop with blues, pinks, and other bright colors spread across it. What about inviting some colorful visitors to enjoy your yard? We’re talking about birds, butterflies, and bees! Many gardeners are now using plants that attract these wonderful creatures. It helps create a live yard loaded with color.

Water, Water Everywhere

Let’s talk about hardscaping. One of the hottest trends is adding a water feature to your yard. Fountains, waterfalls, and ponds can add a soothing, zen-like dimension to your yard. You can walk right into your backyard on a hot summer afternoon and listen to the water ebb and flow. That will be sure to relax you!

Your Own Private Paradise

The outside world is a busy and hectic place. But when you’re sitting in your yard, you want peace and quiet. Consider planting some privacy trees and bushes to keep out the noise and peering eyes. This can be as simple as a collection of trees or new fencing covered in ivy.

When considering your landscaping plans for this summer, take a look at the trends. Make it affordable landscaping by planting edibles. Use the soothing sounds of water. Make it your secret garden by keeping out the noise. And don’t forget to invite your friends into your yard!

Landscaping Trends for 2015

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