Commercial Landscaping Ideas To Try This Springtime

Spring is almost here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The weather is starting to get a little warmer, the snow is slowly leaving the ground, and there’s a freshness in the air that hasn’t been seen since the fall. As we finally say goodbye to Old Man Winter, it may be time to turn your attention to the state of your business’ property.

Not looking very good, is it? Don’t worry, it can be fixed!

As we head into the warmer weather months, now is the time to plan out your commercial property’s landscaping. And we’ve got a few ideas for you. Here are five commercial landscaping ideas you can try this spring to improve the look of your property.

1. Utilize Native Plants

Northeastern Pennsylvania is known for its natural beauty. And by native plants, it will save you both money and on water costs. Plus, you already know how the plants will survive in our climate, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance!

Utilizing native plants can also help protect the environment. In some cases, choosing a plant because it’s pretty can severely backfire. If that species is particularly invasive, it can easily overtake the rest of the plants in the area.

2. Light it Up

If all you’re thinking about is making your property pretty during the day, you’re missing out! If you have customers who visit your property once the sun falls, don’t you think you need to make your property look amazing at night as well?

It’s possible with the right landscape lighting. It can help you stand out from your competitors, provide illumination in pathways and stairwells, and provide a sense of security to anyone visiting your property at night.

3. A Relaxing Outdoor Area

Pull up a chair and stay awhile! With warmer weather, more and more people will want to spend as much time as possible outdoors. And that doesn’t just mean your customers — your employees will be looking for a relaxing area to take their lunch break or just take a moment to de-stress.

4. Stick With a Theme

Choosing a color theme can blend in with the surroundings, making small properties look bigger and attractive at the same time. But always keep in mind how color will affect the other elements of your landscaping. Will the color theme you choose clash with what’s already in your design? Or will it enhance what’s already there?

5. Don’t Forget Your Sign!

If you have a sign outside your building to help advertise your business, don’t forget to add that your landscaping plans! Adding colorful flowers and plants around the sign will sure to make people stop and wonder, “Just what exactly do they do there? I have to check it out!”

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