Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Landscaping Company

With winter drawing to a close, you’re probably thinking of how your yard must look underneath all that snow. To get your yard up and running, there’s going to be a lot of clean-up involved!

But really, who has the time to deal with landscaping? That’s why it’s smart to hire a landscaping company to get the job done.

But before you just hire the first company you see on Google, it’s important that you hire the right landscapers to take care of your home. We’ve come up with a list of five important questions you need to ask potential landscapers before hiring the perfect one.


Question One: What Services Do You Offer?

Before you start searching for a landscaper, you need to know what exactly you’re looking for. Are you looking for someone to take care of your lawn care needs? Or maybe you want to create a beautiful outdoor living space to entertain guests. Once you know what exactly you’re looking for, you’ll know what services will be needed to get the job done.

Remember not all landscaping companies handle everything. Some only specialize in landscape design, some only design and build, and others do it all. So this is an important question you need to ask to know if the landscaper can handle what you’re looking for.


Question Two: Are There Examples of Your Work?

Once you know the landscape contractor does offer the services you need, your next step is to see how well they handle those services. Ask to see some samples of past projects that are similar to the project you’re undertaking.

By looking at the examples, you will not only see if the landscaper’s design style is in tune with your aesthetics but exactly how well they do the job. A portfolio will also show if the landscaper has the proper training to turn your idea into a reality.


Question Three: What is Your Process?

Normally, a landscaper will divide the project into two sections — the design phase and the construction phase. The design phase is when you and your landscaper sit down to discuss your vision and see what works and what doesn’t. Meanwhile, the construction phase is the work itself.

By asking the landscaping company about its process, you’ll get an understanding of exactly how long the whole project will take and what work will be involved.


Question Four: Are you Bonded and Insured?

Not all landscapers are properly insured to work on your property! If the landscaper is not insured and an accident should occur, there could be a lawsuit in the future. A bond also ensures that you won’t be facing any hidden costs on landscaping materials that were delivered by not paid for.

Speaking of costs….


Question Five: What are the Estimated Costs of My Project?

And finally, the last question is one you were probably expecting. An estimated cost of the project is definitely needed so you know you can stay within the budget you have in mind. It also gives you an idea of the honesty of the landscaper. If one company gives you an insanely expensive price and the other gives you something more reasonable, this should be a clear indication of how much your project will be and who is telling the truth.

If the estimated costs do not meet your budget, you can also ask if there is any way to lower the costs. The landscaper should be more than happy to help and recommend alternatives to fit your budgetary needs.


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