How To: Winter Landscaping

It’s tough to do any landscaping in the winter when many flowers are dead and trees lose their leaves. Adding color isn’t too difficult, but it does take time and thought. Choosing the easiest and cheapest way to landscape is hard but things laying around the house or garage can help add that pop to your yard! Lawn decorating tips for winter include adding color, reusing summertime items, and taking advantage of your hardscape.

Holiday Decorating

1.) Getting Your Porch Ready

Begin small and work your way up. Your porch is seen by all and when you have people visit, you want it to pop. Using garland and lights to decorate is cheap and effective in getting people to look at your home. Add red bows around the railing for the holiday spirit! Line your walkway with something small — it adds some detail that will accent against the snow. Hanging ornaments or snowflakes off your porch doesn’t take much effort and the kids can help you decorate!

2.) Take Advantage of Your Resources

If you have firewood, maybe you can set it up to make a snowman! It doesn’t need to be decorated extensively to know what it is and if you live in a place where you get little to no snow it’s a good way to still make everybody’s beloved snowman. If you have any broken or unused items lying around the house or garage then you can pull them out and decorate your lawn with little damage to the ground.

3.) Choose The Right Decorations

Holiday lawn decorations can be expensive, but we have a few decorative ideas that easily be done without breaking the bank! Since many plants can’t survive the harsh winter, you can take those empty planters and put fake plants or trees in them. It’ll continue to give a purpose to those planters instead of having to put them away. A birdbath can also be used as a decoration. If you can find something with berries, go with it. Birds can continue to find food thanks to them and they add color against the green and white.

No matter what time of year it is, we can help you find the best way to landscape your yard and create a winter/summer garden for you. Take the time to think about landscaping your yard and make it pop even during the winter months then give us a call!

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