6 Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

6 landscaping mistakes to avoid

Doing your own landscaping can be incredibly rewarding if you are looking for an opportunity to unleash your creativity in your outdoor spaces. The sky’s the limit as far as possibilities, which can sometimes mean that new DIY landscapers may find themselves making some bad choices simply because they don’t share the same knowledge as…

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5 Landscaping Secrets You Should Know

5 landscaping secrets

Do you ever wonder how professional landscapers can take a rather ordinary piece of property and transform it into a masterpiece right before your eyes? Your Landscapers NEPA relies on both years of experience and continued inspiration to create stunning landscaping for both residential and commercial properties and we’ve got some inside secrets to share…

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Landscaping 101: What is a Retaining Wall?

stone wall

Do you have a hilly or a sloped yard? Then you know the difficulties it can be to make your landscape shine. Rain runoff and soil erosion can be a blight on your landscape. Fortunately, that’s when a retaining wall can come in handy. But what is exactly a retaining wall? And how can it…

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Improve Your Commercial Landscape Design With These 4 Ideas

commercial landscape design tips

Admit it, office buildings can be rather drab. Usually, they’re big, rectangular buildings that have no life to them. They’re definitely not like residential buildings, which can have an inviting shape, an impressive front yard, and a backyard meant for relaxing. But just because a commercial building is boring, doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to…

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How to Create an Outdoor Living Space For Your Home

outdoor living space your landscapers

Warmer weather is finally here in Northeastern Pennsylvania! With many of us spending more time outdoors, you may be thinking about improving your outdoor space for the summer. An outdoor living room would sure be nice on those hot summer days! But where do you even begin? Should you start from the ground up or…

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How Much Water is Too Much for Your Lawn?

water drops on green grass

We know how much you want that perfect shade of green for your lawn by the time summer rolls around. That’s why many of us spend the spring and summer regularly maintaining the grass, adding seed to the bare patches, fertilizing, and watering. And watering. And maybe watering some more. Wow, that’s a lot of…

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