Spring Landscaping Preparation

Spring is getting closer. Once all the snow and ice are gone, it’ll be time to prep your yard for landscaping. But how can you tell your lawn is ready for spring gardening and landscaping?

While it can be difficult to determine the current state of things, it’s never too early to too early (or too late) to get your home’s yard in shape anyway. There are some things you can do while waiting for the ground to soften up. Here are a few ideas to put to use in your yard during pre-spring or early spring.

Trim & Prune

Around this time of year, perennials could use a good trim. While you can usually cut them all the way down to the base, some need to have leftover growth. This will encourage new growth. Pruning bushes a bit will also help with new growth, as it removes dead parts of the foliage that absorb most of the nutrients the live parts of the plant need to thrive.

Flower Bed Clean-Up

The upcoming days that are warm enough are a good opportunity to rake your flower beds to remove debris that was collected over fall and winter. This helps in two ways by giving your flower beds some curb appeal and also preventing disease from setting in. Additionally, it helps give your grass a chance to breathe. You can add the debris you collect to your compost pile.

Fix Up Your Walkways

You may have noticed your walkways could use some TLC too. Between the snow and ice that we’ve experienced, there’s a chance that your beautiful stone pathways aren’t quite as appealing as they once were. Milder weather is the ideal time to redo your walkway, so take advantage of those warmer pre-spring days to do some tidying up. Looks aside, it’s also important to fix this area so that guests, delivery people, and your family don’t get injured while walking up to your door.


Another great way to get ready for spring blooms is by adding fertilizer at the beginning of the season. This will also help keep your plants thriving throughout summer. All you have to do is put a 1-2 inch application of your fertilizer of choice down, and then your mulch goes over that.

Get Your Spring Landscaping Started

If you’re looking for additional tips or help to get your spring landscaping started, contact Your Landscapers today. We can help you get your home’s yard ready to enjoy all season long, and even into summer as well.

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